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the operation started at 1st july, 1902
the null flow-sheet 28th september, 1997
the operation restart 24th may, 1998


The operatin started with the engines: G21 Dessendorf
G22 Ignatz Ginzkey
G23 Polaun
The SteG signature:
(Staatseisenbahn Gesellschaft)
The ČSD signature: 404.001 - 404.003
The DR signature (1938 - 1945): 97.601 - 97.603

The traffic on prussian side (Hirschberg - Grünthal) opened on October 1st 1902
The electric operation from the prussian side to Grüntal (Kořenov)  (15kV, 16 2/3 Hz):
                                    1927 - 1945  - the end of electric operation see also remark at year 1962


1945: The end of war operation - I would appreciate any topics and photos from this time - especially those ones with the accident of the steamer BR38. (See Wrecked engine II and Wrecked engine III)
The border closes and the traffic end in Kořenov.
1956: the rekonstruktion of the 404.002 - and the discarding in 1962
1958 until 10th december 1962 the railway closed due to reconstruction
1960: Discarding of the 404.001
1961: The new diesel locomotives T426.001 and T426.003 on the railway Tisovec - Pohronská Polhora
1962: The delivery of the T426.002 a T426.004 and the transfer of the engines 001 a 003 to Tanvald.
The trolley discarded between the border  and Kořenov. This data I take as most precise, as Mr. Hejzlar from Kořenov railway station showed me the photos from this time...Sorry I was not succeded to perform this photos here...
1963: The operation extended to Harrachov. The part of teritory of Poland was exchanged - so the railway part from Jizera viadukt  to settlement Mýtiny (before 1945 Strickerhauser) fell into Czech teritory and the station Strickerhauser became the station Harrachov.
1965: 404.003 as a gift for Vlastivědné muzum in Nymbuk
In May 30th start operation motor cars M240.0109 and M240.0110
1977: March 26th.:The 404.003 operational again - as museum exhibit of NTM  (National Technical Museum)
1980: The rail nb. 4 in the depo of Kořenov built
1984: The trial operation of the locomotives T466.2
1988: The adhesive diesel locomotives 743 (T466.3) introducted to teh normal operation
1990 Motor cars 820.109 (ex M240.0109), 820.110 (ex.M240.0110) 820.009, 020, 075 (...) were moved to Karlovy Vary. The operation of M240.0 series on cog railway ends.
1992: The trial of the railway fans - to reconstruct the trail to Szklarska Poreba (in the Poland). Several trial journeys were made...
1997: 28th september - null flow-diagram had started. In the normal speach: The operation was stopped.
ČD announced: due to wrong state of the bridge over the river Jizera.
1998: 24th may. Man cannot believe that: the private society Jizerská dráha (Jizera railway) leased the railway from ČD. The operation is provided by society GJW. The society GJW provide the operation on the courses 034, 035 a 036.
GJW starts the operation of motor cars 810 on the cog railway in june.
1998: The ČD took back all three railways at december 1st. 
In november 4th, the motor car 810 was examined on cog railway by CSD. After succesful exam, the downhill speed was increased to 30km/hod for this type, and the series 708, 714, 731, 843 and 842 were allowed for this cog railway.
The era of the cog operation definitely ends - only the rest of cog rails and signals for beginning and end of cog rail remain. Let us hope,  that 715.001 will push some of extra courses...
2002 Celebration of the 100 year of  traffic
2003 In May 2003 was established the company Železniční společnost Tanvald. In July the company was registered at Krajský soud in Ústí nad Labem. The company is organizing the nostalgic trains on cog railway.
2010 3. července started polish Przewozy regionalne regular public transport between Szklarska Poreba and Jakuszyce. The line was connected to czech railway net by bus circulating between Jakuszyce and Harrachov .
In August 28th 2010 started the regular train connection between Szklarska Poreba and Harrachov.
Read more on the page Setkání 2010.
2012 On January 5th and consequently on February occured the the brakes malfunction. Due to malfunctioning brakes the personal train - DMU 843 + control carriage did not stop and ran through several stations. The usage of the types 843 and 842 DMU was prohibited on this cog railway.
2012 The trains between Harrachov and Szklarska Poreba are provided with the old Czech DMU 810 series. The train operator is changed to GW Regio Trains (daughter company of Viamont). On the czech side, the new Stadler DMU (manufactured in Germany, at ČD serie 840) cruise between Harrachov and Liberec. The  843-DMU were replaced by modern DMU, which overtook whole traffic on cog railway.
2020 In this year the fast trains between Prague and Tanvald are provided by Arriva company. The trains are equipped with the succesfull DMUs 845 (with the control car 945). The fast tain Jizera was led formerly directly to Harrachov, so arrised the question, is it possible with this DMUs?
The test were done in April 23rd.
The tests confirmed, the hydrodynamic gearbox is very suitable for braking on the track. The problem occurs at driving upwards. The gearbox is not mighty enough for the necessary performance.
Simply the 845 DMU is fast engine for the flat trails.
More on: .
2020 Cog locomotive  T426.003  returned back home, to Korenov. But with the repaired locomotive came the big dept on other side.The railway society Tanvald informed, tha part of it was coveres by Ministry for regional development and the other part was covered from the financial sources of the railway society.  The part of money was borrowed and it was decided for other part to get through the crowfunding campaign on Hithit portal.