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queralb1.jpg (6296 bytes) Vall de Núria
Short look onto the cog railway in Pyrenee/Spain.
fogrud3.jpg (2461 bytes) zubacka.sk - The cog railwayTisovec - Pohronská Polhora started to operate in 1896. It was built mainly in order to make the transport between the ironworks of Tisovec, Podbrezová and Hronec easier.  As the original equipment survived the finish of foundry production, it could be pronounced  to national cultural monument in 2008.
After successful acquisition of the roman steam cog engine M40, the cog railway became the only possibility in Europe to enjoy the ride on cog steam train with standard european gauge

The model-railway page with the theme of the railway Hirschberg - Polaun (now Jelenia Góra - Kořenov). German

Elektrifizierte Strecken der PHS und der DRG in Schlesien

Author: Thomas Scherrans
The successfull deploying of the electric trafic betwwen Dessau and Bitterfeld  in January 18th 1911 led to the decision to try electric traction also on the railway with the difficult profile. Best fit the main railway between  Lauban and Königszelt. The railway in Slesien mountains with the rising between 10 a 20 ‰ has the character of the mountain railway. The freight import and the coal transport from Waldenburg coal region promised enough cargo job. In July 30th 1911 the prussian land palament agreed with 9.9 bilon marks for the project of the electrification including some secondary railways.

90year of the electrification in Slesien

Author: Martin Boháč
In the year 2001, it was 90 years from starting electrification works on the Slesien railways under the Krkonose mountains. The railway network broad from Zhorelec (Görlitz) to Vratislav (Wroclaw, Breslau). It eas connected to Czech railways in the two points, Mezimesti and Korenov (Polubny, Polaun). As it was the first attempt to use the electric power on the primary railroads in the very close neibourghood, let us drop several lines about this history, starting from the year 1911 until the political changes in1945. (Czech, lot of photos, tables and graphs).

mik8_small.jpg (3723 bytes) Drahy (railroads) 
Just walking by the railways and shooting photos. Some document photos and historical facts (this site is a part of it). Do you know Silver arrow? Karlstejn - not only the castle, Temelin not only the nuclear power plant. The mystery rails to Orlik,  saying good bye to steam traction in Liberec 1980, artefacts on rails in Zlonice. (Czech, some parts in English too)
Bechyňka Bechynka
In 1903 was built one of the oldest electric railways with the 1435mm gauge on the continent. Big site with the lto of photos (Czech)
4004-button.jpg (3315 bytes) Steam locomotives in USA Pictures, texts and other information on Wes Barriss's site. (English)

The site not only about the railways onto Pilatus (English, German)

SBB Brünigbahn - Beschreibung
The description of the narrow-gauge railway with the both adhesive and cog traffic. Author: Stefan Dringenberg.
The link to the list of sites with the narrow-gauge theme in Switzerland. German.

Jungfraubahnen - Beschreibung
Something similar about the railways under Jungfrau from the same author. Link to  the index of the Swiss narrow-gauge railways.

The big list of the railways, locomotives and literature with the cog-rail theme. Only few of pictures.

Mount Washington Cog Railway
Mainly the lot of pictures of the well-known cog railway in USA.

The general information about the cog railways on the first sight - but if in USA, so Mt.Washington.