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  1. Magazine Železničář 1977, number 8: 75th anniversary of the Czech cog railway
    Author: Ing. Jindřich Bek
    On June 1, 1902 the regular transport of people and goods started on the railway that has the highest slopes within Bohemia and is the only one with cogs even today.
  2. Magazine Železničář 1977, number 8: Engine 404.003
    Author: Ing. Jindřich Bek
    The cog railways have always been a sort of a technical attraction and very often proved that the designers were more than able to cope with the construction of the most daring mountain railways and with the adaptation of the steam engines to the demanding conditions of these railways.
  3. Magazine Železničář 1980, number 13: M240.0 used for the cog railway section Tanvald - Harrachov
    Author: Ing. Jaromír Kozinka
    The regular service of these engines started on May 30, 1965 and some of them are still in service (M240.0109 and 240.0110 in Liberec depot and M240.0118 and M240.0119 on the Eastern Railroad)
  4. Magazine Železničář 1981, number 14: Station 701 meters above the sea level
    Author: Ing. Jindřich Bek
    Many weekends were spent working voluntarily in Kořenov with the objective to build the railway station there. In future nobody will ask about the names of individuals who actively contributed to the reconstruction and no wonder, it is not necessary. The only necessary thing is to contribute now to the effort as much as possible.
  5. Železničář 1981, number 14: Cog railway CFR
    Author: Ing, Jindřich Bek, Photo: Jiří Maurenz
    The factory in Floridsdorf produced 4 engines D2’ in the years 1896 and 1900, 3 engines D1‘ for the Kořenov railway and in 1911 even 269 series with coupled 6-wheel engines . Similarly in 1908 the factory produced 7 engines (series 40) with the configuration 1'D1' for the railway from Caransébes to Subscetate. All the engines had the same diameters of wheels, cylinders, piston strokes and apart from 269 series engines also the same steamers.
  6. Železničář 1982, number 2: 20 years of demanding service of the cog railway
    Author of the text and photo on the title page: Miroslav Soukup
      Its weight (125 tons) gave it unmanageable momentum when leaving the 932m long tunnel and the crew was powerless. After several forlorn attempts to stop the engine and despite of reversing the engine fell from the high escarp near Dolní Polubný.
  7. Železničář 1982, number 10, Rail with cog, article + photo, -kM-
  8. Železničář 1983, number 4: The land of cog railway
    Author: Miroslav Malec
    The cog railway in Kořenov should not be either limited or stopped, on the contrary it should be kept in operation to become an irresistible attraction for the tourists from the whole Europe.
  9. Železničář 1984, number 20: Cog railway between Tisovec – Pohronská Polhora
    Author: Mojmír Leštínský
    The cog engines T426.0 were used as adhesive ones on the railway between Tisovec and Jesenské. In 1962 both engines (T426.001 and 003) were used for the cog railway Tanvald-Kořenov.
  10. Železničář 1985, number 6: The cog railways have always very interesting history, nevertheless their future may be very short
    Author of the text and photo on the title page: Ing. Zdeněk Bauer,CSc.
  11. Železničář 1985, number 16: Motor engine 240.0 on cog railway Tanvald-Kořenov.
    Author of the title page photo: Miroslav Soukup
  12. Železničář 1986, number 21: Engines from Ózd
    Author: Ing, Zdeněk Bauer,CSc.
    The Czech cog railways were motorized and in 1961 the T 426 series engines were produced in Floridsdorf - 4 engines for ČSD (Czech railways) and one (2085.01) for ÖBB. In Hungary they waited some time to see which engines were the best and then they decided to order them as well.
  13. Železničář 1987, number 18: 75th anniversary
    Author: Miroslav Soukup, Photo: Miroslav Malec
    In 1984 the tests of the Czech engine T 466.2 started. Two years later the modified T 466.2369 was used for goods train on the coq railway. In future the motor engines from CKD (new series 743 – existing T466.3) should be added, too.
  14. Železničář 1988, number 10: Adhesion engines for Kořenov,
    Author: Ing. B. Skála, Ing. Jiří Pohl
    On July 1, 1988 we will celebrate 86th anniversary of the start of the operation of the only cog railway in the Czech Republic (from Kořenov to Tanvald). This railway was until recently the only normal gauge public cog railroad in Europe. The delivery of 10 new engines (series 743 from CKD) at the beginning of 1988 enabled the operation of cog engines to be finished.
  15. Železničář 1988,  number 12, T466, ing. B.Skála
  16. Železničář 1989, number 1, foto na titulní straně 715.03 + 743.010, ing.B. Skála
  17. Železničář 1990, number 4: Confrontation
    Author: Ing. J. Pohl, Photo: Ing. B. Skála
    The railway serves here as a transport means even without the cogs and with the consumption of petrol 40% lower then in the time of diesel hydraulic engines 715 (T 426.0)
  18. Železničář 1990, number 4, photo 743.010 in original colour
  19. Železničář 1990, number 4, photo M240.0 in Harrachov
  20. Železničář 1990, number 23, 820.110 in Pernink - The end of  820  series in Tanvald
  21. Železničář 1990, number 24, Coospoints heart Škoda in  Grund/Switzerland
  22. Železnice 1992, Number 2: Locomotives T 426.0
    Author: J. Bittner, B, Skála
    After the World War II the bad technical condition of steam cog railway engines together with the loss of the engine 403.503 (due to war) led to the decision to replace them with the new cog engines. From the purely technical point of view it was more or less outdated solution because in many other countries the steam engines were successfully used for adhesion type of operation even for the slopes up to 65% already in the twenties and thirties. Despite of the initial intention to electrify the railway in the end new motor cog engines were ordered in the Austrian factory SGP Floridsdorf.
  23. Železnice 1992, number 2: Home again
    Author and photo: Pavel Dočkal
    Finally! At the end of 1991 after long 46 years the special "international" train run through the whole reconstructed  section
  24. Dráha 1996, number 11: Cog engine T 426.001 after 30 years in Tisovec again (September 20 –22,1996),  Author: Radko Friml
    The celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the railroad between Tisovec and Pohronská Polhora enabled the visitors to see also the cog rail part of the road between these two stations. The cog parts were not used since the reconstruction of the road in 1966 because of the radical reduction of the goods transport on the railroad.
  25. Dráha 1997, number 5: Railroad to be blasted?
    Author: Radko Friml
    On February 26, 1997 the section of the rail No. 035 between Kořenov and Harrachov was closed because of the bad technical condition of the sleepers on the “Jizerský “viaduct.
  26. Dráha 1997, number 10, Traffic stopped! J.Bittner,  photo P.Hoffman,P,Čekal, autor
  27. Dráha 1999, number 1, Th adhesive traffic of  810 DMU on kořenov cog-railway, text and photo Jaromír Bittner