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On June 1st, 1902 the operation of the cog railway between  Tanvald and Kořenov (Tannwald - Grünthal) was started. As the railroad passes through the area with quite difficult conditions, some special technical solutions were required and used. Even today we have to admire the romantics of the alternations of tunnels and bridges, deep incisions and high escarps embedded in the unique setting of the Giant Mountains.

The machinery used on the railway was special as well. The major problem here was not the tractive force transmission but reliable brakes. The original design with a cog rail – for a long time the only cog rail used for normal gauge railroad – was first replaced by motor carriages with hydrodynamic power transfer and later by the locomotives with electronic control. The cog system was replaced by the adhesive one.

The unique character of the cog railway was proved by a numerous details the majority of which has unfortunately disappeared. The cog have been disappearing meter by meter and the cog switches do not exist anymore…

Despite the fact that the future of the railroad is no longer in danger (hopefully) the romantics and extraordinary character of the railway has been suppressed especially by the strong economic pressure.

In order to recall this remarkable piece of technical mastership and to funnel the feelings of admiration for this great evidence of human craft I decided to prepare and create the Internet web pages.

The objective of these pages is to provide a source of edification, entertainment and memories for EVERYBODY.

Please, each of you who has just read these lines and have the feeling that you may have something that closely or remotely relates to the cog railway Tanvald – Kořenov  (Tannwald - Grünthal), please send this information to me or forward this message to those who might know.

I will also be very grateful for (especially) old period photographs, postcards and printing matters even if of a bad quality (to be given or lent). Please, send me also your interesting stories and events relating to the topic. I do believe that there is still some evidence and documents about the operation of the Prussian part of this railroad.

I also really invite any kind of discussion or polemic. I welcome any counterproposals, notices, corrections etc.

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