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The cog railway over the Jizera Mountains was founded like one of the four  in Austrian-Hungarian monarchy (k.k.=kaiserische-königliche). They had following common features (Only the railways with public transport are mentioned. These ones in private property, like the iron works in Ózd, I would like to leave for more informed):

  • european "normal" gauge (1435 mm)
  • Abt's twin -cog
  • powerfull steam cog locomotives from Floridsdorf machine factory (near Wien)
  1. The first one, the austrian Erzbergbahn from Eisenerz to Vordenberg, started the traffic in 1891. It goes through the Präbichl pass - 1204 m. The regular traffic was ended in 1978. The museum traffic is provided now. More information can be found on: http://ww.erzbergbahn.at (this is right the home page of "museum verein") and http://home.arcor.de/horst.medenwaldt/urlaub/urlaub01.htm , the only web page, where the photos of original steam locomotives I found.
  2. In 1896 begun the traffic  on the cog railway Tisovec - Hronská Polhora   - more information is on hyperlink: https://www.zubacka.sk
  3. 6 year later - in 1902 starts the cog railway Tanvald - Kořenov (Tannwald - Grünthal), (right this pages are informing about it)
  4. In the 1907 starts  the railway Subcetate - Caransebes (Hátszeg-Váralja - Karánsebes) including the cog part Sarmizeteguza - Bautar (Bauczár) (Now in Romania). Concerning  the railway I found the old magazine article from 1973. Concerning the romanian cog locomotives I found the article from 1981. The hyperlinks to the articles are in this page header.

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