Wrecked engine II
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At the August 13th 2005 took place the memorial. Before 60 year the german steam engine 38.2605 had serious accident - it derailed, felt down from the pavement and the engineer Wilhelm Bienert died.

The visitors were transported to the accident place, where the new monument was built, by extra train from Korenov. After the short report, a minute of silence was kept in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the engine 38.2605 accident and her engineer death. Then the visitors returned back to Korenov.

The action was organised by 'Railway society Tanvald'. The society released the information paperback too, 'Report about the investigation of the death W.Bienert, the state railway engineer, on August 5th 1945 near Dolni Polubny' written by Tomas Gal.


Video - the garniture lead by 310.134 and with M240.021 at the end depart Korenov towards Harrachov.