In the operation ,again!
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kor01.jpg (4489 bytes) From May 24th, 1998, the operation on the railway had started again. The society of Jizera railway (Sdružení Jizerské dráhy) had leased the railway, the trains and locomotives. The main goal was not the profit, but the transportation services for the people from the villages near by. About the traffic had care the GJW society.

From December 1st 1998 you can not obtain these tickets. The railway felt to Czech Railways again...

... and is functioning until now.

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It was a big success of the villages near by, Society Jizera railway, GJW and others, to start the operation on the railway again.

ozutan2.jpg (77422 bytes)The celebration of the traffic restart had been visited by lot of people. The visitors were invited by traditional music and magistrate.


ozutan.jpg (67162 bytes)And finally the train came....
The god's servants blessed the Jizera railway and the celebration train with the departure at 10.00. ozubis.jpg (65808 bytes)The train with the guests departed to Harrachov. On the way back the guest stepped out in Kořenov to admire the photo exhibition from collection of Mr. Jaromír Hejzlar.

... Several pictures from this celebration day.

ozudes.jpg (81572 bytes) From Desná without god's servants. The train's crew must help themselves.
ozuhar.jpg (98839 bytes) Stay in the end station (Harrachov) shorter than by tram.
ozukor2.jpg (68022 bytes) The way backwards: the long tunel behind Kořenov.
Korenov2.jpg (88481 bytes) Departure from Kořenov.
korenov41.jpg (51778 bytes) ... and classical view - the bridge over the river Jizera.
Korenov5.jpg (94197 bytes) ...the same view thousand times and not the same - but allways admired.
CB062506.jpg (58160 bytes) Dolní Polubný - the beginning of the cog rod.