The fate of the M240
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The fate of M240 II. The fate of M240 III.

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From: Jarda Wagner
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 9:43 AM
Subject: konec M 240.021

Hallo everybody,

as most of you know from daily news, the museum DMU M240.021 burnt in flames near Korenov yesterday evening. It had gone as the replacement instead of unable DMU 843.011 on regular commuter to Harrachov. It started to burn after the negotiation of the 56 per mille  elevation in the railway station Korenov. Right behind the station (near the former entry signal, precisely at km 35,6) the flames flared up in such a degree, the engineer could not extinguish her. I saw two empty extinguish devices. The engineer had no more.

The friend if mine draw my attention to yesterday accident, so I have started from Vesec at 9:10 and I have made the series of the photos. You have the portion of them in the attachment. They begin probably with the last photo of the former "Singer", because I was there yesterday due to documentation of the traffic difficulties of the DMUs called "coffin" (843) from Brno and Decin. The troubles  begun from the morning and the troubles persist until now. Whole the traffic is delayed for plenty of minutes. These difficulties contributed to the fire of  "Singer" too. Yes, the only 843, which has the permission for the cog railway, did not survive yesterday and the only replacement was the "Singer" 021. The troubles with the "coffins" continue also today: one engine of the 843.005 is out of service and the control coach 943.007 is also in trouble.

In Liberec the 843.011 stands - the only DMU from this series with the modified brakes. Until repaired, the "Electronic" (743) with Bix, resp. 010 serves as the replacement.

Bye, Jarda

P.S: Several photos from the "coffin" traffic on the former LJTD (RGTE) I will send in the next e-mail.

P.P.S: "Singer" should be pulled to Korenov (she was not - as messaged Nova TV - guys from Nova have leaved cca 3 hours before us. Untill 17:00 "Singer" was not moveable, due to failed attempts to fix the motor above the rails) and there in Korenov she should be canceled. She cannot be transported on rails down.
...Nehodový vlak z Ústí projel sunutý Kořenovem bez zastavení v 13.55 (vyjel v 6.00!!! ráno), a vezla jej 743 002, kde vykřižoval s "Mn" sestávajícího z jednoho vozu s řezivem a s 743 010 v čele. Náhradu jezdila 743 001 a jeden Bix....
The last photo of that "Singer" is taken yesterday at v 15.32, several minutes after get dark and I cannot believe until now, that it was the last time, I saw she in the pretty state. It is a great pitty, between all the preserved 240's she was the most preserved one.