Wrecked engine III
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The web site about cog railway Tanvald-Korenov was founded in 1998 - and from the beginning of its existence contains the page "Wrecked engine". The page discus about the accident of steam locomotive of the German series 38 at the end of World War II. The whole information was in the cloud of uncertainty. I collect the information slowly during the years. Most of the information brings the book "Zpráva o pátrání po příčině násilné smrti W.Bienerta, strojvůdce státních drah, k níž došlo dne 5.srpna 1945 v Dolním Polubném" (The message about the cause investigation of the death of the engineer W.Bienert) - Railway Society Tanvald.
After 8 years the site exists I have obtained the e-mail from Dr.Wolf from Germany. He informed me about his pages (in Czech), containing still non-published photos, reminiscences of the eye-witness and the information about his trip to Northern Bohemia in summer 2001. On this trip he documented the rests of the wrecked engine!
Visit his page www.vykolejena-p8.de and enjoy the new discoveries!

Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 5:12 PM
To: ALBICO, Alexander Kaldy
Subject: Zubacka

Dear Mr. Kaldy,
for the longer time I follow your web site about the cog railway Tanvald-Korenov. Until the sixties I lived in Sumburk with the partial view on the railway station. I have traveled by the cog railway many times (in that times with the steamers 404...). It was extremely interesting for me, the wrecked locomotive - we passed it by car many times  - and I've some reminiscences I want to describe (I was only 5 at those times - I do not know how precise they remain - but my "investigation" verifies I am right!)
You will find the corresponding article on www.vykolejena-p8.de . (Sorry for my Czech - there may the errors appear within it. I am several decades abroad - Mr. Wolf, please excuse my clumsy attempt to translate your words into English...(S.K.)).

Best regards
Dr. F. Wolf