The fate of M240 II.
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O úroveň výše (up) The fate of M240 II. The fate of M240 III.

The information posted on the pages of the fire-brigade of the region of Liberec:

Commuter in fire

On Sunday, December 10th 2006, the fire occured on the DMU coach on track between Korenov and Harrachov about 7:30 PM. The flames occured on track km 35,6 direction Harrachov. The firebrigades from Jablonec nad Nisou, Velke Hamry, the firebrigade of the Czech railways station Liberec and the volunteer fire brigade from Prichovice were dispatched to accident.

The firemen had heavy work due to rough ground. The pipe-line type "B" had to be formed on place. The fire was localized at 7:50 PM and extinduished at 9:30 PM. At the moment the fire had arised there were 5 person within the train: 2 employees of Czech railways and three students. The policemen called to fire escorted the passengers to the nearest railway station.

The fire damaged the whole coach, where economic damage approximately 400 thousand Kč grew up. According to investigations the fire was originated by the bug on fuel system. The reason and the extent of damage will be precised according to a investigation result of the railway supervision.

Author: por. Mgr. Iva Michalíčková