early spring 2005
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The really winter came in the beginning of 2005. The most of snow felt down during february and march. During Easter still was enough snow in Jizera and Krkonose mountains. 

The winter influenced the railway traffic too. The set of interesting pictures including the description has made Jan Skalický (jskalicky@seznam.cz) on March 15th 2005.

P3150003.JPG (167753 bytes) Tanvald - the arrival of the personal train Os16228. Due to lot of snow the train was pulled by the locomotion  743 instead of DMU 810.
P3150004.JPG (129273 bytes) Kořenov - depart of the personal train Os16221 to Harrachov
P3150005.JPG (80564 bytes) Kořenov - view  towards the former depot
P3150006.JPG (101402 bytes) Kořenov - view towards the former Prussian part of the station
P3150007.JPG (111042 bytes) Kořenov - the hall entrance blocked by snow
P3150039.JPG (136232 bytes) Harrachov - the railway station building
P3150040.JPG (164231 bytes) Harrachov - the platform from direction Kořenov
P3150041.JPG (84599 bytes) Harrachov - the railway incline towards Kořenov
P3150042.JPG (87917 bytes) Harrachov - the coach yard from direction Kořenov
P3150043.JPG (163102 bytes) Harrachov - the platform - view from direction Poland
P3150044.JPG (81744 bytes) Harrachov - the platform towards Poland
P3150045.JPG (81824 bytes) Harrachov - "well accessible" loading ramp
P3150046.JPG (71333 bytes) Harrachov - the rail head towards Poland
P3150047.JPG (96969 bytes) Harrachov - the railway in the snow
P3150048.JPG (71775 bytes) Harrachov - end of the snow milling
P3150049.JPG (89802 bytes) Harrachov - the station in snow  2
P3150051.JPG (168626 bytes) Harrachov - the coach yard
P3150054.JPG (87121 bytes) Harrachov - The station boundary from the polish side
P3150055.JPG (91206 bytes) Harrachov - the railway to poland
P3150058.JPG (121035 bytes) Harrachov - the station boundary from the niveau of the rails
P3150068.JPG (93705 bytes) Harrachov - the railway bridge on the railway to Poland
P3150072.JPG (149510 bytes) Harrachov - the arriving passenger train Os 16227 delayed 14 minutes
P3150073.JPG (161124 bytes) Harrachov - the conducor navigates by the transimetter the engineer of the arriving passenger train Os 16227
P3150074.JPG (188542 bytes) Harrachov - Os 16254 to Tanvald
P3150076.JPG (59789 bytes) the engineer of the 743 through the window of the car 010 between Harrachov and Kořenov
P3150077.JPG (105203 bytes) Kořenov - the railway station sunken within snow
P3150078.JPG (135180 bytes) Kořenov stopping-place zastávka - anybody wish to step out?
P3150079.JPG (186564 bytes) Kořenov stopping-place - the shovel and the snow-shoe recomened :)
P3150080.JPG (145467 bytes) Dolní Polubný - "what are you doing there? I,m watching you!" :)
P3150081.JPG (117647 bytes) Dolní Polubný - the platform
P3150082.JPG (109877 bytes) Desná -  the station building under the snow
P3150083.JPG (99460 bytes) Desná - the platform
P3150084.JPG (156216 bytes) Desná - the platform 2