Electric traffic
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The austrian (then czech) part of the railway was with the Abt's cog. The german part was electrified in twenties. The electric units ET89 have the end station in Polubný (Grünthal in the time of Austrian monarchy, Polubný between 1918 and 1939, Polaun during world war II, Kořenov now).

At the end of World War II. the german railwaymen moved the electric lokomotives E 17.124, E 44.047, 127, E 90.57, E 94.017 a E 95.05 to Kořenov, in order they would not be pulled to Soviet Union. It quite succeded, the locomotives stayed in Kořenov until fall 1946 and then passed to Dresden.
According the despatch from the headquarters of state railways in Hradec Králové nr. 976 from August 13th 1945 the following electric locomotives should be prepared for the transport from Polubný (Grüntal, now Kořenov) to Děčín and passed to Dresden.

E17 124 weight 11,7t
E44 047 78t
E44 127 78t
E90 57 101,6t
E94 017 119,6t
E95 05 139t

The named engines have the original german description only, without any ČSD or USSR signs. The are the prize Russian engines.