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This page is dedicated to pictures done by my friends. Don't you want to exhibit yours?


I send you cut-out from military map from early 20th. The part from Korenov (Polaun) to Skl.Poreba (Jakobstha) can be seen

Martin Ostruszka
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963x695, 201kB
I send you attached ... ... map of  prussian part of the railway. R.Hippmann
zel-neh2.jpg (55516 bytes) The picture from my postcard collection may interest you.
Hi Lukas Pleticha

"The accident happend on Sunday 22nd May 1904. 7 passenger and freight cars damaged.  1 steam locomotive (404.001) damaged."

743008b.jpg (46307 bytes) ... I thought a lot about this photo. The sun is here only for a short time in winter... I waited there in the snow...
The photo and the nice letter sent me Mr. Peter Kadeřávek.
harachov.jpg (25069 bytes) This photo from Harrachov (march 1998) sent me with the nice letter Martin Sildberger.
I don't think, that any of ministers have read the messages...
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korTH2.jpg (53456 bytes) One of the last courses before the null flow-sheet. The passenger cars have a protest notices.Photo from Dolni Polubny by Tomas Hartman.
korTH3.jpg (58549 bytes) Beginning of the cog from the top of tunel entry at Dolni Polubny. Now the cog starts obove the railway station.

Photo Tomáš Hartman

korTH8.jpg (61216 bytes) Two austrian in Tanvald.

Photo Tomáš Hartman

The photo from his private collection (shot by Mr.C.Bellingrodt), sent Mr.Ervín Pohl ( You inspired me so far, that I downloaded my e-mails from whole last week, where the valuable item to my collection has appeared. This time it is 97.602. I send you it within the attachment. You may publish it, if you want, but nearly the same exists on your site. On my photo, there is the other engineer and it was taken from slightly different place, but I think, they were shot in the same day. It seems like Mr. Bellingrodt has made the trip to Korenov and he has made the photos of all the employees (everyone separately) within the engineer's cab.
Hi Saša, all the best in the new year also for you - and one near silvester photo (shot 30.12.2006).

Foto:Martin Boháč

Null flow-sheet 28.9.1997

77092801.jpg (54825 bytes) The last day. How long time for?
77092802.jpg (52722 bytes) "Only the TV was behind us. Then end."

The photos from Mr. Jiří Procházka

The shunting in Dolni Poluby - by Tomas Hartman

korTH1.jpg (47773 bytes) Author of this interesting photos is Tomas Hartman.
He promised me to deliver the texts later.
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...from an extra number of the magazine Eisenbahn Journal 9/93

Materials (including the drawing 297.4) sent P. Randák
"I have looked through the pages of cog railway Tanvald - Korenov yesterday and I send you several thing for completion: the drawing of austrian 297.4, better photo of the series 97 for the page about the emperor-king (austrian-hungary) cog railways. I send you also 3 photos from the testing of the T426.001 in Vordenberg, which I have never seen published in Czech republic. Everything was published in the extra number of magazine Eisenbahn Journal  9/93."
Important moment: T426.001 ČSD just going onto cog nearby station Vordenberg. The positions of the specialists tell about their interest.
T426.001 in Vordenberg ready for the first test ride under the rising (june 1961). By the side 297.401  with ore train.
97.217 + 197.302 + 297.401 + T466.001