Winter 2003
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Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2003 11:32 AM
Subject: RE: zubačka-1

I am preparing to publish several photos for a longer time already, but still I do not find the free time. So I send some older photos...

01Novysvet.jpg (25442 bytes) I decided to try the polish side of Isera mountains in february. I used the new border chceck point several hundreds meter from Harrachov station. Immediatelly after crossing the border the slope became beatiful.
Moreover: the rising of the slope copying the railway is minimal and the views to Giant Mountains and Harrachov are beautiful
02kolejedoJakuzsyc.jpg (51496 bytes) I recommend the trip to everybody. You can use the cog railway and there is only a few skier on the Polish side of Isera Mountains. The two photos from my trip: the first from the Novy Svet (New world), where the slope goes onto the former railway, the second from the part between Novy Svet and Jakuszyce.
06_464_008_Korenov.jpg (28459 bytes) Next photos are from the action of Eisenbahn Romantik society and german televion SWR. They organised the train trip on the beginning of march. But the weather was terrible: the rain was falling to the snow and it was relatively warm. The result was the dense fog.
11_555_0153aRakusankyTanvald.jpg (37515 bytes) So, I made only a few of photos. I am really sorry, that I cannot shot the train with two T426.0 in the canyon in front of Harrachov.
12_555_0153aRakusankyTanvald.jpg (46765 bytes) So, I send you the photo of 464.008 in Korenov and T426.0 in the company of 555.0