Winter 2005
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I took these photos at my ski-journey to polish Jakuszyce on January 8th 2005. Why Jakuszyce? In the new year 2005 I planned to go on ski to Jizera mounains as soon as possible, but during the weekend on January 8-9th took the place the action "Jizera Fifty". In Jakuszyce was the traffic normal.

After the circle, I have made before noon on Jakuszyce territory, I took the direction towards Harrachov. The ski-route was made on the not used part of the railway Kořenov - Szklarska Poreba. The route was ideal for the running ski.

I ended the trip at the former Novy Svet station: the ski-route abandoned the railway and to follow the rails seemed to be too difficult. So I preferred to go for one beer in Desna.

jakuszyce050108_1057.JPG (54919 bytes) From the former railway open the wonderful views: Here the view onto slopes in Harrachov. It  seems the access to railway was too difficult for Red Army, when liquidated the electric traffic equipment, so enugh of the masts remained on their place.
jakuszyce050108_1058.JPG (865613 bytes) The view onto the railway - you can have it like the DMU's driver at the extraordinary ride or lika a turist only.
Now in winter, keep the stocks and forward!
jakuszyce050108_1059.JPG (63111 bytes) One could see nothing special on this view to Novy svet pass, except the beuautiful colors of the january sunset.