Winter 2004
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On March 7th,2004 took place  "The rides of Krakonoš"Krakonošovy jízdy" (Liberec - ) Tanvald - Harrachov. During my ski trip to Jizerka through Jizera valley, the railway god was well-disposed towards me and some nice pictures arised.

Text and photo: Saša Káldy

kor040307_1.jpg (64082 bytes) Soon after leaving the station Korenov, the deep sound announce the "austrian" (715, former T426.0). She is returning from Harrachov.
kor040307_2.jpg (45993 bytes) Not functioning semaphore in front of Korenov station.
kor040307_3.jpg (41357 bytes) The train pushed by 743.003 entering the rocky pass in front of the bridge over Jizera river (the part of the film Kalamita was created here).
kor040307_4.jpg (49949 bytes) ... and from this place is beautiful view to the bridge over Jizera river.
kor040307_5.jpg (43694 bytes) 743 is returning back from Harrachov. The snow, thrown down from the bridge, makes dramatic impression.
kor040307_6.jpg (38754 bytes) The pass in front of bridge, again. More than the 810 passing by, I admire the ice decoration.
kor040307_7.jpg (55370 bytes) Several broken trees open the nice view onto bridge, hiding more and more in the surrounding vegetation.
kor040307_8.jpg (68942 bytes) At the end of beautiful day in Jizera mountains I make my first photo of 715 on Jizera bridge.