Tanvald 100 years old
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On June 11-th 2005 took the place the extra trips at the celebrations: Tanvald was before 100 years pronounced as the town and before 130 years the railway Tanvald -Zelezny Brod (Eisenbrod) was opened for the public service.

464.202 on the viadukt in Smrzovka, the hill Tanvaldsky Spicak in the background

The main attraction -at least for me - was the engine 464.002 in front of the extra train from Liberec to Tanvald. I do not meet her too much because of her home station!

464.202 taking the coal and the water in Tanvald. Foto R.Hippman

464.202 heading to viadukt in Smrzovka
464.202 on the viadukt
464.202 on the viadukt
464.202 heading to viadukt in Smrzovka
At the celebration day also the old Austrian diesels got onto the track....T426.001 in Dolni Polubny.
T426.001 in Dolni Polubny. The T426.003 (on the tail) is pushing the train.
T426.001 near Tanvald.

Foto R.Hippman

M240.021 on the head of regular passenger train in Spalov (16274?).