R.Hippmann in Poland
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O úroveň výše (up) Preparation Tanvald - Kořenov Kořenov - Harrachov Szklarska Poreba the stop Kořenov View from Singer R.Hippmann in Poland

From: R_Hippmann@centrum.cz
Sent: 24. července 2002 21:21
To: ALBICO, Kaldy Alexander
Subject: 100 let zubacky

I send you some photos made in Poland. The first one shows the train in july 5th, shot from the rock shown on your pages. According to the map, the train is in the altitude approximately 800m. The second photo is made cca 500 m behind the former station Josefinenhütte, towards Jakuszyce, and proofs, that there were the parts with realy a few space. On the third photo is the train in july 6th, leaving former station Josefinenhütte towards Jakuszyce.

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between Josefinenhüte and Jakuszyce
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between Josefinenhüte a Jakuszyce
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Josefinenhütte 810-261

july 5th - some photos from Poland more
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the meeting of the motor car 810-425 (july 5th in front of the train to Harrachov) and the Polish electric locomotion EU07-515 with expres from Gdynia
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july 6th: the motor car 810-100 in front of the train to Szklarska Poreba, between the stations Harrachov and Jakuszyce - altitude cca 840 m - in the background Čertova hora (Devil's hill) - altitude 1020 m.
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the example of the dense vegetation between the stations Jospephinenhütte and Jakuszyce