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Useful information for the trip to Poland:

Time table: time table issued by the czech side operator , company Viamont
Info supplied on this page has only historical value, lot of things has changed!
Follow the time table SŽDC, the info for the track 036 is provided from Liberec to Szklarska Poreba.

(comment by author in summer 2012)

Tickets: You can buy it within the train. There are two conductors in the train: the czech one and polish one. The Czech conductor will sell you the ticket valid in Czech republic, the polish conductor will sell you the ticket valid in Poland. You can pay in CZK or PLN (zloty) for the czech tickets. But: the polish tickets you can buy in PLN only - oficially! We bought the polish tickets in CZK - the polish seem to be flexible enough!

LibNet+ - This is the ticket, you have minimum troubles with: it is valid all the day within border region. You can buy it in the tickets office in railway station. The price is 320 CZK .

Cerriages: essentialy the polish DMU-s SA134

Warning: this is not the official site of the operator - this is the information from a traveller only! Some changes are not described here - may be! If you have the other experience, I will publish it with pleasure!